Although synthetic oils lubricate better and  lasts longer,  did you realize that because in synthetic oil, the molecules are all the same size, and this has been given as the reason that you hear more top end engine noise with synthetic oil.

Here is an analogy I read:   ..if you filled a gym floor with all kinds of balls, volleyballs, basketballs, tennis balls, etc and tried to roll across them, you could do it, but if you filled the floor with all volleyballs, imagine how much better you could roll across the floor.

Therefore the synthetic molecules (volleyballs)  which are all the same size and give a "slicker" surface, but the mineral (Dino) oil,  (the odd sized balls) actually give more of a "thickness" for filling gaps, thus, quieter valve train.

Why do we need oil?
1.   lubricate and reduce friction.

2.  help cool your bike.   Harleys are indeed air-cooled, but oil removes quite a bit of heat. As oil flow over the hot parts, heat transfers and is carried away. The “dry sump” oiling system utilized by Harley-Davidson aids in this cooling process because oil pumped out of the engine travels to a remote tank, thus affording more cooling time.

3.   oil is “seals.”  - surfaces of the piston rings, ring grooves and cylinder walls are never completely smooth. There are microscopic hills and valleys that can reduce engine efficiency by allowing combustion pressure to escape into these low-pressure areas of the crankcase. The job of motor oils is to fill in these hills and valleys on ring surfaces and cylinder walls, thus allowing maximum combustion pressure.

4.   protect against rust and corrosion. 




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