Car Turning Left in Front of You

 A car fails to see you or judges your speed incorrectly,and turns left in front of you  (intersections or entrance to parking lots etc)

Watch for  signs that   someone may turn in front of you:   ie:  a car  at an intersection, in a turning lane or near entrance to a parking lot waiting to turn and there's a gap in "car"  traffic.

If you see a potential collision:

1.  Look at the driver to see if they are looking at you, then look at the  wheels (not the car) to judge what the car is doing  - angle of turn, speed of wheels.

2.    Take a defensive lane position - to the right side of the lane to give more room between you and the car.

3.   Cover your brakes and be prepared to take evasive action.
       -   slow down as you assess the danger.
       -   be aware of what is behind you
       -   look at the road condition  - loose gravel? potholes?  can you brake fully?

Twenty Six percent (26%) of fatal motor cycle accidents occur when a vehicle turns left in front of them.  Of these accidents, sixty nine percent (69%) are at intersections. 

Ride Safe Ladies.